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TEDxBerlin: The City 2.0

This past weekend saw another edition of a local TED conference in Berlin. The central topic this time round was a vision for future cities. The conference itself is over, but you can still see all speakers via the TEDxBerlin website.   Advertisements


TEDx talk resume: Bicycle culture with Mikael Colville-Andersen

A quite interesting TED talk on mobility and cycling. I’ve picked out a few interesting thoughts: According to Colville-Andersen, the street was, for millenia, a place of gathering and shopping, it was where kids played and you could chat to your neighbours. That all changed with the introduction of the car. Basically, streets became a […]

TED’s the city 2.0 project

TED’s The City 2.0 is an online platform for looking into how cities are being changed by their very users. The City 2.0 website is a platform created to surface the myriad stories and collective actions being taken by citizens around the world. We draw on the best of what is already being discovered by urban advocates […]