Kanal Playground is a project for temporary urban interventions in and around the canal area of Brussels for the summer of 2014. The project is looking for students, professionals and enthusiasts in the fields of design, visual arts, architecture, urban and landscape planning, engineering and any related discipline to participate. The two key topics for […]

Up until 1992, when it was demolished, Kowloon Walled City was the most densely populated place on Earth. A slapdash construction following no rules or architectural insights, the sprawling mass housed over 50,000 inhabitants on just a few blocks. These ramshackle constructions look like a dreary vision for a sci-fi movie, but they were very […]

A few days ago we reported about a documentary called “The Human Scale”. We said it would be hard to catch the film somewhere, as it’s making its rounds in American theatres. Never fear though, the Danish public broadcaster DR has it in its entirety online! The documentary is in narrated in Danish, though the […]

This past weekend saw another edition of a local TED conference in Berlin. The central topic this time round was a vision for future cities. The conference itself is over, but you can still see all speakers via the TEDxBerlin website.  

Belgian drivers constantly complain about traffic jams during their daily commute. I should know, I’m sometimes one of them. Now traffic and navigation service provider INRIX has compiled a list of the most gridlocked cities in the world, and Brussels came out on top. The second most congested city is Antwerp. Whilst this might come […]

The film is based around the work of Danish architect Jan Gehl, who has been studying human behavior in cities for the past 40 years. The documentary focuses on the human scale, how it was lost in modernist city planning, and how planners can work towards more livable cities for the future. Catching the film […]

via The Huffington Post A recently released iPhone app allows its users to rate the safety of certain neighborhoods, thereby allowing others to see which areas of town are dangerous, or “ghettos”, according to the app makers. The backlash was so great that within 24 hours of launching, the developer renamed the app “Good part […]

via Co.Exist The upcoming elections in New York City brought us the retrospective of mayor Bloomberg’s policy changes to the big apple. Now, New York based think-tank Centre for an Urban Future, together with NYU Wagner have released a report with policy recommendations for Bloomberg’s successor. The report highlights 15 innovative ideas for the future […]

Ever been interested in City Design but never had the formal education? Coursera is offering a free courses from quality universities worldwide. One basic course on City Design, two more in-depth on cities and technology and mapping technology and analysis. Coursera is an online platform that reaches out to renown universities world wide so anyone […]

With New York’s mayor Bloomberg’s office coming to an end, the New York Times has an amazing animated page displaying the changes that NYC underwent during his governance. It shows how one third of the city has been re-zoned, where new bike lanes were introduced, where new constructions have been built. It’s all illustrated with […]