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Watch The Human Scale in its entirety

A few days ago we reported about a documentary called “The Human Scale”. We said it would be hard to catch the film somewhere, as it’s making its rounds in American theatres. Never fear though, the Danish public broadcaster DR has it in its entirety online! The documentary is in narrated in Danish, though the […]

TEDxBerlin: The City 2.0

This past weekend saw another edition of a local TED conference in Berlin. The central topic this time round was a vision for future cities. The conference itself is over, but you can still see all speakers via the TEDxBerlin website.  

The Human Scale – a film about human needs in cities

The film is based around the work of Danish architect Jan Gehl, who has been studying human behavior in cities for the past 40 years. The documentary focuses on the human scale, how it was lost in modernist city planning, and how planners can work towards more livable cities for the future. Catching the film […]

BBC Future series on sustainable cities

BBC Future is starting a new series of articles where they talk to experts on how cities of the future can build in a more sustainable way. The first article sees Bruce Sterling, an award-winning American science-fiction author, give his view of what the city of the future may look like. Bruce Sterling’s view on […]

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Gothenburg introduces congestion charging

Sweden’s second city Gothenburg joins the swelling ranks of cities worldwide that have some form of congestion charging. In schemes like this, motorists are made to pay for entering or leaving city centers, especially at rush hour. Gothenburg aims to finance infrastructure,  reduce air polution & greenhouse gases, and cut traffic in the city centre by around 15 percent. Between […]

400km cycling routes for Flanders and Brussels

The ‘Fiets-GEN‘ (Gewestelijk Express Netwerk = Cycling Regional Express Network) project proposes almost 400km of cycling infrastructure for a better connection between Flemish communes and the city of Brussels. The following is a translation of the article published in Brussel Nieuws.  The network will span 15km around the Belgian capital. Some 15 routes have been […]

How bikes can solve our biggest problems

Fast Company’s Design website posted an infographic on how bicycles can solve several problems societies are facing today. Mobility and healthcare are mentioned, and ecological reasons aren’t hard to think up. It basically compares the US to Europe, and tries to show some of the advantages of a policy towards more use of bikes. It […]


TEDx talk resume: Bicycle culture with Mikael Colville-Andersen

A quite interesting TED talk on mobility and cycling. I’ve picked out a few interesting thoughts: According to Colville-Andersen, the street was, for millenia, a place of gathering and shopping, it was where kids played and you could chat to your neighbours. That all changed with the introduction of the car. Basically, streets became a […]