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Watch The Human Scale in its entirety

A few days ago we reported about a documentary called “The Human Scale”. We said it would be hard to catch the film somewhere, as it’s making its rounds in American theatres. Never fear though, the Danish public broadcaster DR has it in its entirety online! The documentary is in narrated in Danish, though the […]

The Human Scale – a film about human needs in cities

The film is based around the work of Danish architect Jan Gehl, who has been studying human behavior in cities for the past 40 years. The documentary focuses on the human scale, how it was lost in modernist city planning, and how planners can work towards more livable cities for the future. Catching the film […]

BBC Future series on sustainable cities

BBC Future is starting a new series of articles where they talk to experts on how cities of the future can build in a more sustainable way. The first article sees Bruce Sterling, an award-winning American science-fiction author, give his view of what the city of the future may look like. Bruce Sterling’s view on […]

A City Shaped

“ARTEFACT: A CITY SHAPED” at STUK Leuven  (until 24 February 2013). This year’s edition of ARTEFACT Festival, a yearly art, media and music festival held in Leuven, Belgium is called ‘A City Shaped’ and focuses on ecology and sustainability in today’s and tomorrow’s urban development. Idea-space The world is urbanising ever more rapidly and the built environment is […]

The (d)efficiency of urban housing

Robert Danziel & Sheila Qureshi-Cortale wonder about what makes successful urban housing in his new book “A House in the City“. From the publisher’s website: What makes a great house in the city? This book examines what has worked well in some of the most successful housing types across the world – from old to […]

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Urban Network Analysis: tracking and planning urban environments

With the current wave of urban growth and over half of the world’s population living in cities, careful urban planning becomes increasingly important, but is still often overlooked. Well-designed cities generally offer numerous advantages of scale and proximity. In this regard, the continuing trend of urbanisation creates a lot of possibilities that can be exploited […]

Brutopia – a cohousing project in Brussels

Buying a house in the city of Brussels isn’t cheap. When the founders of the Brutopia project were looking for a new place, they realised that going the normal way wasn’t an option. Instead of looking elsewhere, they got creative: sharing all costs between a larger group of people would lower the costs for each […]