Architecture day in Belgium

On Sunday the 13th of October Belgium celebrates architecture. As our strange little country divides certain aspects of governance between its communities, it is in fact architecture day for Flanders only. I suspect that this is considered the domain of culture, and as such, the different communities each have their own agenda. This just as a bit of background as to why there is no French version of the website, nor is there any programme for Wallonia.

During this one day visitors will be able to get access to architectural projects that are otherwise off-limits such as residential projects and office spaces. There are walking and cycling tours, guided visits to some of the projects, lectures, exhibitions and screenings. There is, for example, a guided tour of the now finished communal living project Brutopia we wrote about in the past.

Flourishing Landscapes is the theme binding all activities together. The key aspects for the chosen projects are to highlight new models of working and living. A building culture of spatial consumption has become unsustainable in densely built Flanders. The projects of the Architecture day try to show how to reverse that trend to more sustainable modes of building.

Where ever you find yourself in Flanders, this is a unique chance to have a look into some of these wonderful projects where we often only get to see the façade.


Information on the website (Dutch only).

Get a visual overview of the programme via Pinterest.


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