Innovation and the city report

via Co.Exist

The upcoming elections in New York City brought us the retrospective of mayor Bloomberg’s policy changes to the big apple. Now, New York based think-tank Centre for an Urban Future, together with NYU Wagner have released a report with policy recommendations for Bloomberg’s successor. The report highlights 15 innovative ideas for the future of NYC.

Here’s the list of ideas with the city where they are sourced from:

Idea 1: Updating 311   |   Boston & Chicago
Idea 2: Kindergarten to College Savings   |   San Francisco
Idea 3: Innovation Loan Fund   |   Chicago
Idea 4: Peak Academy   |   Denver
Idea 5: Project Oracle   |   London
Idea 6: Spacehive   |   London
Idea 7: Zero Waste   |   San Francisco
Idea 8: Digital Badging   |   Philadelphia, Providence & CHicago
Idea 9: Budget Savings Commission   |   Chicago
Idea 10: Open Data   |   Seattle & San Francisco
Idea 11: City ID Prepaid MasterCard   |   Oakland
Idea 12: Accessory Dwelling Units & Basement Conversions   |   Seattle & Santa Cruz
Idea 13: Prize-linked Savings   |   Michigan
Idea 14: Immigrant Export Initiative   |   Los Angeles & Chicago
Idea 15: Commuter Tax Benefit   |   San Francisco


There’s some ambitions recommendations, such as matching San Francisco’s zero waste policy, and some interesting thoughts on Smart Cities (311 and Open Data). I’m not sure about Project Oracle on measuring the impact of non-profits. Not all positive externalities can be translated to a measurement and measurement will emphasize the short-term rather than long-term goals. Nor am I sure the government should be involved in banking practices.

Any thoughts? Share them in the comments section!


Find the full report here

Read Co.Exist’s summary of 10 points here



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