Online courses for (budding) Urbanists

Ever been interested in City Design but never had the formal education? Coursera is offering a free courses from quality universities worldwide. One basic course on City Design, two more in-depth on cities and technology and mapping technology and analysis.

Coursera is an online platform that reaches out to renown universities world wide so anyone can join their courses. The Designing Cities course offered by PennDesign offers a broad introduction to the field of City Design. The target audience includes students in architecture, planning and landscape architecture, but it should be easy enough to follow for anyone with an interest in City Planning.

There are discussion sessions, and three assignments throughout the 10-week course, though you are not required to perform the assignments if you don’t want to.

The current session will start on the 7th of October 2013, and the workload is estimated at 4 to 6 hours per week.

For more information, how to register and an introduction video, visit the Coursera website:

Two more in-depth courses:

TechniCity (next session starts Feb 26th 2014)

We live in real-time, technologically enhanced cities. Explore the sweeping changes that our cities are undergoing as a result of networks, sensors, and communication technology.

Workload: 6-8 hours/week

Maps and the Geospatial Revolution (no session starting soon)

Learn how advances in geospatial technology and analytical methods have changed how we do everything, and discover how to make maps and analyze geographic patterns using the latest tools.

Workload: 6-9 hours/week



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