Thought for Food summit in Berlin

The future of food production is an issue that overlaps with the future of city development. The Thought for Food summit will try to address how to nourish the rising world population in a sustainable way, and is looking for participants with diverging backgrounds. They emphasize the use of the word ‘participant’ rather than ‘attendee’ in the sense that they want to create a get-together that isn’t just a one-way speech. The summit should be an enriching event for both participants and speakers.

Confirmed speakers range from Mark Post, who recently came into the spotlight for his research on stem-cell grown meat, Daniel Dendra from Berlin-based design studio anOtherArchitect, to a social media expert and a documentary filmmaker. Food is an issue so central in our lives that it impacts numerous fields of society, and the speakers reflect that complexity.

From the TFF website:

Expect to be inspired. Expect pulsating energy. Expect fun. Expect unconventional thinkers who aren’t afraid to push boundaries and your mind. Expect to roll up your sleeves. Expect to forge lifelong friendships. We’ve set up a unique creative playground where you can learn, connect, and take action to make the word a better place.

More information:

Date: September 20-22

Location: Alte Münze, Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin

Thought for Food website

Thought for Food on Facebook


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