A City Shaped

“ARTEFACT: A CITY SHAPED” at STUK Leuven  (until 24 February 2013).
This year’s edition of ARTEFACT Festival, a yearly art, media and music festival held in Leuven, Belgium is called ‘A City Shaped’ and focuses on ecology and sustainability in today’s and tomorrow’s urban development.


The world is urbanising ever more rapidly and the built environment is encroaching ever more on the natural. At the same time, sustainability and ecology are the buzzwords architects and planners everywhere scrupulously pay lip service to. Artefact wants to take a critical look at this and stimulate dialogue and discussion with current policy. According to curator Pieter-Paul Mortier, Artefact aims to “show that we can think about urban development from an artistic angle. We want to create an idea-space.”

Expo, performance and talks

Artefact has a programme of exhibitions, talks and performance, mainly taking place at STUK in Leuven, but also elsewhere around the town. It will run until february 24th. More on A City Shaped, programme and practical info on the ARTEFACT-website.

Been to ARTEFACT? Be sure to let uw know what you think the comments!


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