How bikes can solve our biggest problems

Fast Company’s Design website posted an infographic on how bicycles can solve several problems societies are facing today. Mobility and healthcare are mentioned, and ecological reasons aren’t hard to think up. It basically compares the US to Europe, and tries to show some of the advantages of a policy towards more use of bikes. It couldn’t come at a better time, since the European Parliament is voting on the budgets for infrastructure projects and bikers could use some support.

FastCo Design’s infographic on bicycle use

infograph velo 2

ingraph velo 3

Primarily pretty, it does show a bit of useful information. What I’m not a big fan of though, is calling repressive measures towards car use an ‘incentive’ to use a bike. Incentives should be positive stimulations, and should be created by making biking itself more attractive rather than just bullying the competition. Better infrastructure for bikes and public transport would go a long way in Brussels. 

Thanks to Karel Deneckere for the links. 



  1. That’s an awesome infographic! I’ll definitely be using that to show people!

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