The Hungry City – The creative Power of Food

Carolyn Steel – architect and author of the Hungry City will give a lecture at DeSingel/Antwerpen on the 13th of December:

How food shapes our lives‘ will try to reveal how Food can be a creative power in the design of the City and how the hinterland and the cities can interact in a new sustainable way.

She aims at the rapidly developing local food movement that is beginning to create more locally grown food and to re-connect people with their food. Planners and architects can support this movement through planning policies that allow access to land for growing and which encourage a diverse, not a monolithic, food retail culture and urban development and transport systems that support that.

The lecture is just one of several given in the frame of the exhibition ‘The Ambition of the territory-Designing the Metropolitan Flanders‘. Here you can find the program of the lectures regrouped under the motto ‘De Stad is niet van gisteren‘ (a play on words: the city wasn’t born yesterday) organized by Sint Lucas Antwerpen.

This is certainly an uncommon way to approach the city and therefore absolutely worth joining. We’ll probably be there and hope to see you, too.

If this appeals to you, you can register here for free and have a look at the TEDx talk that can give you a first insight into the author’s ideas.


Date: thursday the 13th of December

Location: DeSingel

Desguinlei 25

2018 Antwerp


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