Mensen maken de stad: a panel discussion in Antwerp December 13th

Following the release of the book by the same title, Mensen maken de stad (People make the city), there will be a panel discussion on the 13th of December in Antwerp.

The book came into being when Oikos, a think-tank for social-ecological change, invited researchers to analyse the state of the city, and provide some ideas for the future of the city. City populations continue to rise, the division between rich and poor continues to grow and cities are responsible for the largest part of emissions.

Four keywords run through the texts: housing, solidarity, super diversity and climate neutrality. The sum results in a plea for participation and urban citizenship. Mensen maken de stad is exactly that: a book about citizens taking their future into their own hands.

Citylabo, research department from Antwerpen Averechts, tried to get hold of some of the contributing authors for a panel discussion. Several authors have already confirmed, amongst others Eric Corijn, Stijn Oosterlynck and Maarten Loopmans. Others will be added later.

Being held in Antwerp, this conference will most likely be held in Dutch. If anyone’s attending and wants to report in English, we’d be glad to post your findings! 


Date: Donderdag, 13 December, 2012 – 20:00

Location: Auditorium Permeke

De Coninckplein

2060 Antwerpen

The event on cityLabo’s website (Dutch)

A short review of the book on RektoVerso (Dutch)

The long treatment over at De Wereld Morgen (Dutch)


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