Tok Toc Knock Festival shows how to involve citizens in a creative way

From the 17th of November until the 1st of December, KVS organizes the Tok Toc Knock Festival in the Model City of Laeken. In this first edition of creative confrontation between the inhabitants and various artists the festival offers performances, outdoor installations, walks, discussions, workshops and much more.

Are architects visionaries? Can architecture be an answer to the problems of the inhabitants or is it a result of the architects’ wishes? These questions are raised through a guided tour of the exhibition ‘All problems can never be solved’. But also through performances, like the Skieven.

‘Club Cité’ is an action to help you identify with the life of an inhabitant of the area. Confrontations between the latter and the visitors take form through guided walks and house swapping . The ‘Ministry of willy walks’ and ‘The life of plants are performance walks, that tell the story of Cité Modele’s inhabitants in every form. The idea to capture the life of the inhabitants is also inherent to ‘Kronik video’, a series of short films by Mohamed Ouachen, shown every day on different sites.

Finally ‘Mancha’, an instant theatre, confronts the inhabitants to their context and its global conditions.

This initiative launched by the Flemish theatre KVS is in many ways an extraordinary opportunity to see a real part of the city through a different lens.

More information via this site


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